Manon – Caress

Manon – Caress

Final price 52.13 €

Our cosmetic line from lavender and donkey milk – this is Manon. We have prepared an economy pack of products for your wellbeing.

In this package you will find all members of the Manon family who will caress your skin, body and feet.

Lavender facial cream with donkey milk 50 ml
Lavender foot gel 75 ml
Lavender shower gel and shampoo 250 ml
Lavender perfume Doux 10 ml
Lavender antimicrobial gel 100 ml

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Manon will not make your ears grow, rather, it will help you find the joy of life.

Note: This is not a gift package.

Would you like to send this item as a present? We will add a message for the recipient in the package for you!

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