Manon and donkeys

You already know how we happened to combine our lavender cosmetics with donkey milk. Now let´s have a look at what we have made for you.

25. 11. 2019 v 9:05

The previous article told you about the genesis of Manon. Today we will look at that part of it, which is not only inspired by donkey soul, but its connection with donkeys is even closer, because donkey milk is its essential ingredient.

Why is it only a part of the cosmetic line? The reasons are very practical. In some cases  donkey milk would be of no use. For instance, the idea of a perfume with donkey milk would make our donkeys hee haw with laughter! Mainly because donkey milk is not aromatic at all. Its potential is best shown in skin care cosmetics. You can find it in our facial cream, hand cream, body lotion, cooling foot gel, and shower gel / shampoo. Before looking at each of them closely, let us present the main qualities of donkey milk.

 Donkey milk

First big advantage is the place of origin of the donkey milk used in Manon. It is a farm Asinus Atlanticus located on faraway Azorean islands. Their donkeys are looked after very carefully and they graze on the meadows close to the Atlantic Ocean, which gives their milk a great potential!

An important part of donkey milk is fat and unsaturated fatty acids. There is very little fat in donkey milk (0,3 – 1,8%, while cow or goat milk contains almost 4%), however the content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is around 7 g in 100 g of donkey milk (7 times as much as in cow milk, actually 3 times as much as in human mother´s milk). They are essential for the absorption of vitamins in skin.

A great advantage of donkey milk is also its low content of casein, a protein which is the main allergen contained in milk, thus the chance of allergic reaction is rather little. Furthermore, donkey milk contains vitamins D, A, and E, and is a great source of calcium and phosphorus, as well as immunoglobulins i.e. proteins supporting and boosting the immune system. Thanks to these constituents, donkey milk represents an ideal base for complex skin care.

Which Manon products contain donkey milk? Let us see:

Shower gel and shampoo:

Thanks to the composition and qualities od donkey milk and lavender, shower gel and shampoo could be made in one neat container. It will provide soft care to your body and hair regardless of the type.

Facial cream and body lotion:

We mention these two products together, because their composition is very similar. Shea butter is an important part of it. Not only it makes a base for combining the effects of lavender and donkey milk, it also adds a lot of valuable constituents. You can use the cream or milk from head to toe. But is there a difference between them? Yes, there is. The facial cream has a higher content of donkey milk, therefore it is more suitable for the use on more exposed body parts. The body lotion contains less of it, but the container is larger, so you do not have to hesitate to apply it generously all over your body.

Hand cream:

All the qualities of the facial cream combined with olive oil, virgin beeswax, sunflower wax and lavender honey create our hand cream. These constituents keep your hands well hydrated and form a protective layer on the skin, making it ideal for regular hand care.

Foot gel:

Feet care requires a slightly different approach. Oil containing gel is an ideal alternative for quick, non-greasy absorption, which is required for feet skin. Together with the antimicrobial extract from rosemary leaves, it helps keep your feet skin in perfect condition.


This is it then. In the last article about Manon, we will show you some other ingredients we use and that part of Manon which reflects our obsession with lavender.

If you love lavender, all you need is Manon and a trip to Provence.

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