Lavender Dandy 6 bottle package

Lavender Dandy 6 bottle package

Final price 54.78 €

A delicious wine-based sparkling drink aromatized with lavender blossom. For more intensive colour, we added blueberries. We recommend light summer salads, grilled goat cheese, small talk and wit to enjoy your moments with Lavender Dandy. He is a desirable companion on hot summer days as well as in tepid evenings and is also welcome at any party.

Lavender blossom, wine and blueberries – a perfect combination for you!

Best served on ice!

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Contains sulphur dioxide.

Alcohol 11.5 %, Volume 0.75 l
Wine origin: Čejkovice, Moravia, Czech Republic
Batch no.: on the bottle cap

It is illegal to sell alcoholic products to anyone under the age of 18!

Our loyal customers know that one bottle of Lavender Dandy is never enough. Therefore, we offer a sixpack for a better price, in case you wanted to have the Dandy still at hand. 

Ingredients Flavored wine drink. Wine, sugar, lavender blossom (0,3%), blueberries.

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